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Strawberries Protect the Stomach From Alcohol

Strawberries Alcohol

While alcohol’s harmful effects on the liver are well known, few people are aware than alcohol consumption can cause damage to the mucous membrane which coats the stomach wall. In fact, heavy alcohol consumption has been linked as a contributing cause of stomach ulcers. Fortunately there is a simple and delicious way that regular drinkers can minimize the damage caused to their stomach by alcohol… eat strawberries regularly.

A team of European researchers recently performed a study where rats were given large doses of ethanol. A control group of rats ate a typical diet, while the diet of the rats in the test group included a strawberry extract. The study, published in the journal Plos One, found that the mucous membrane of the rats that ate strawberries sustained significantly less damage than that of the rats that ate a typical diet.

The researchers attribute the decrease in stomach ulcers in the group of rats given the strawberry extract to the antioxidant properties and high content of phenolic compounds found in them. They believe that these results could lead to the development of a preventative medication that would reduce alcohol-induced stomach damage much like how Dihydromyricetin reduces alcohol-induced liver damage.

Read the full study here

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