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How Does Dihydromyricetin Protect the Liver?

The fact that alcohol damages the liver is common knowledge. But most people still assume the damage alcohol causes is mild and uncommon. Not many people are aware of just how common and pervasive alcohol induced liver damage is.

The following statistics may be alarming:

  • The leading cause of chronic liver disease worldwide is alcohol. Alcohol consumption is the leading cause of 50% of all deaths caused by end-stage liver disease. [1]
  • Between 90-100% of regular drinkers will suffer from liver steatosis [1]
  • Between 10-35% of regular drinkers will suffer from liver inflammation [1]
  • Up to 20% of regular drinkers will develop cirrhosis of the liver(only 23% of those who suffer from liver cirrhosis live longer than 5 years)[1]

The bottom line is this; if you drink large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis you will damage your liver at some point. This damage may not seriously affect your life but it could also end it.

If you are a heavy drinker, it is vital you take steps to minimize the damage being done to your liver. By regularly taking Dihydromyricetin (DHM), you can severely lessen the damage being done to your liver. Plenty of research backs up this claim, and it makes sense when you consider how DHM works within the body.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) reduces liver damage by improving the livers metabolism of alcohol.

After you consume alcohol it is quickly passed into your intestines and is absorbed into your blood stream. At this point it makes its way to your liver to be processed. An enzyme called “Alcohol Dehydrogenase” (ADH) breaks down alcohol into a substance called acetaldehyde.

Your liver metabolizes alcohol at a constant rate. Any excess alcohol which your liver is unable to metabolize right away circulates through your blood stream until your liver can process it. The process of breaking down alcohol is extremely demanding on your liver. Your liver identifies alcohol as a toxin and makes breaking down alcohol its top priority.

Your liver sets aside many of its normal activities while it is metabolizing alcohol. This causes permanent changes to the structure of many cells in your liver. It can’t metabolize fat, and it begins to build. This is precisely why nearly 100% of chronic drinkers experience liver steatosis (also called fatty liver). Over the long term, serious and many times irreversible damage may be caused to your liver.

DHM speeds up your liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol. This allows your liver to resume its normal function more quickly and lessens the damage alcohol consumption causes. [2]

Other Benefits to the Liver

Besides its ability to improve the liver's ability to metabolize alcohol, research shows DHM is able to have to following specific benefits:

  • DHM can suppress carbon tetrachloride- (CCl4) or galactosamine-induced liver injury [3]
  • The administration of DHM can inhibit the activity of serum transaminases such as alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST), and alleviate pathological damage of liver tissues. [3]
  • DHM can significantly suppress the increase of serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), ALT, AST and α-tocopherol levels [3]
  • DHM may be protective effect against CCl4, D-galactosamine and LPS-induced liver cell damage [3]

Banish Hangovers and Keep Your Liver Safe

Not only does taking Dihydromyricetin after a long night of drinking prevent hangovers, but also helps reduce the damage to your liver done by alcohol. Give DHM a try today, if you're not satisfied we will give you a complete refund!

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For a detailed list of studies performed on Dihydromyricetin, please see our research page.

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