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How Does Dihydromyricetin Prevent Alcohol Intoxication?

Research has shown that when taken before consuming alcohol, Dihydromyricetin dramatically raises the intoxication threshold making it very difficult to become intoxicated. [1][2][3][4] If you often find yourself in situations where the use of alcohol is expected but want to remain sharp and unaffected, taking Dihydromyricetin before drinking is the perfect way to accomplish this.

Taking DHM before drinking will prevent many of the negative side effects of drunkenness including:

  • Brain Fog
  • Slurred speech
  • Impairment of Motor Skills
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Poor Judgement

Of course, if you drink enough alcohol you will eventually become drunk, but DHM will greatly increase the amount necessary above baseline. You'll be able to casually drink beer or wine over the course of an evening without worry of accidently becoming intoxicated. Dihydromyricetin has a number of effects on the body and mind that combine to produce such a powerful effect. The rest of this article describes these in detail.

Dihydromyricetin Blocks Alcohol's Effect on the Brain

One way in which Dihydromyricetin prevents and reverses intoxication is through nullifying alcohol’s effect on your GABA receptors. [1][2][3][4] GABA is one of your brain’s many neurotransmitters, which are chemicals your brain cells use to communicate with one another.

There are many different neurotransmitters in your brain and they all serve different functions. They regulate everything from our muscles to our ability to form new memories. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter which quiets electrical activity in parts of the brain. This gives it anti-anxiety and sedative properties.

When you get drunk, alcohol binds to GABA receptors and increases the “quieting” effect GABA has on neurons. This is why you always feel more relaxed after a couple drinks. And this is why as you drink more and more, your motor function decreases, speech becomes slurred, judgment becomes impaired, and thinking becomes difficult.

By taking Dihydromyricetin you can block alcohol from affecting your GABA receptors and reduce some of the unwanted effects associated with alcohol consumption. [1][2][3][4]

DHM Improves Your Liver's Ability to Process Alcohol

When you consume alcohol it is absorbed into your bloodstream and eventually reaches your liver. The liver acts as a purification tank for the blood, and removes any toxins or impurities that are found.

The liver treats alcohol as a serious toxin, and halts its normal functions in order to break down the alcohol in your bloodstream. The liver can only metabolize one drinks worth of alcohol per hour, and any excess stays in the bloodstream and makes you more intoxicated.

When you take Dihydromyricetin it improves the ability of the liver to metabolize alcohol by bolstering the effect of the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. (ALDH) [1][2] This allows the liver to remove alcohol from your blood at a faster rate, making it harder to get drunk and causing you to sober up quicker. [1][2]

DHM Prevents the Absorbtion of Alcohol into the Bloodstream

As you learned in the previous section, in order for alcohol to cause drunkenness it must accumulate in the bloodstream. When you have a drink, the alcohol it contains is absorbed into your bloodstream through the GI tract.

In addition to helping the liver clear alcohol from the blood faster, DHM also reduces the amount that is absorbed into the bloodstream in the first place. [2] For each drink you have, you'll be absorbing less than one drink's worth of alcohol.

When this is combined with the ability of DHM to reduce alcohol's effect on the brain and it's ability to help the liver metabolise alcohol faster, its easy to see how DHM can greatly increase the amount of alcohol you need to become intoxicated.

NOTE: Dihydromyricetin's impact on your BAC is smaller than its ability to reduce alcohol's effect on the brain. You will feel less drunk than you otherwise would at a given BAC level. You will still get alcohol poisoning if you drink too much, and getting pulled over by the cops will get a DUI.

It is true that since DHM promotes the metabolism of alcohol in the liver meaning your BAC will drop a little faster after you quit drinking, and will cause it to increase at a slower pace, but DHM will NOT prevent your BAC from increasing entirely. Do not use Dihydromyricetin as an excuse to drink irresponsibly!

Stay Sharp and in Control

Whether you want to stay clearheaded when out with coworkers without looking like a teetotaler, get an edge at your weekly poker game, or just prevent a hangover in the morning DHM can help.

We're completely confident that you'll be satisfied, and if you aren't just let us know for a complete refund!

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