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The Complete Guide to Healthy Drinking

Most people are well aware of the damage frequent drinking can do to their liver, brain, and heart. But very few are aware of the many methods that exist for reducing the damage done by alcohol. Learn how here.

What Causes Hangovers?

Learn exactly what causes hangovers, and how each contributing factor can be protected against.

Create Your Own Hangover Survival Kit

With a few simple products its possible to prevent and treat nearly all symptoms of hangovers. Learn how easy it can be to recover from a wild night out.

Does Dihydromyricetin Work the Morning After Drinking?

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a supplement that will only work if taken while drinking or immediately after drinking. DHM will NOT work when taken the morning after.

Moderate Wine Consumption May Improve Kidney Health

New research performed at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center has found that consumption of 1 glass of wine per day may improve kidney health and help lower risks of cardiovascular disease in patients already suffering from chronic kidney disease.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Heart?

While heavy drinking increases risks for heart disease, research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption can actually improve one's heart health.

What Causes Asian Flush?

Asian flush reaction is a condition in which an individual is afflicted with blotches associated with erythema after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Stawberries Protect the Stomach from Alcohol

While alcohol’s harmful effects on the liver are well known, few people are aware than alcohol consumption can cause damage to the mucous membrane which coats the stomach wall.

Alcohol May Improve Problem Solving Skills

Researchers have found evidence that consuming small amounts of alcohol may actually improve problem-solving skills.

Acetaldehyde and Hangovers

Common wisdom states that dehydration is the primary cause of hangovers, however this is incorrect.

While dehydration is definitely a contributing factor, the majority of hangover symptoms are caused by the buildup of a toxic molecule known as acetaldehyde.

How Safe is Dihydromyricetin?

Research has found that Dihydromyricetin is a very well tolerated supplement, presenting no negative side effects or toxicity even at high doses.

What is the Proper Dose of Dihydromyricetin?

An overview of different ways to use Dihydromyricetin (DHM), and the proper dose for each.

Hangover Prevention Supplement Market Outlook

Learn what the current hangover prevention options on the market are.

How Alcohol Affects the Liver

Learn how the liver works and why chronic alcohol use has such a harmful effect on it.

How Alcohol Causes Pancreatitis

Learn about pancreatitis and how it can be caused by heavy alcohol use.

Does Alcohol Really Kill Brain Cells?

You've probably heard the myth that alcohol kills brain cells. Learn what science says about how drinking really affects the brain.

Does Cheap Liquor Cause Worse Hangovers?

Learn why spending a few extra bucks on a better bottle of liquor can cut down on your hangover the next morning.

How Long Do Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

See a timeline of common alcohol withdrawal symptoms and learn what to expect if trying to break a physical addiction.

How to Prevent Alcohol Induced Liver Damage

Most people know that alcohol is very harmful for the liver, but few are aware of the simple steps that can be taken to limit this damage while still enjoying alcohol.

Will Drinking Water Prevent a Hangover?

Any frequent drinker knows to have a few glasses of water before bed, but then why are hangovers still so common? Dehydration is only a small part of what causes hangovers, and just drinking water isn't enough.

Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause Worse Hangovers?

Everyone has their favorite types of booze, but did you know that certain types can cause worse hangovers than others? Learn which types will make for the mildest hangovers.

Four Common Hangover Myths

Find out why dehydration isn't the main cause of hangovers, and learn the truth about common hangover misconceptions.

Where to Buy Dihydromyricetin (DHM) Made in the USA?

The DHM sold by DHM Depot is sourced, manufactured, and tested by an American company. It is important to understand that just because a supplement retailer claims “Made in USA”, it does not mean the raw materials were obtained from an American company.

What Causes Hangover Headaches?

Learn why a pounding headache is such a common symptom of hangovers, and what you can do about it.

What Causes Hangover Nausea?

Why is an upset stomach such a common symptom of hangovers? Learn the surprising truth about why your stomach becomes upset the morning after drinking.

Is Drinking on an Empty Stomach Bad?

Drinking on an empty stomach, common lore suggests, causes one to get intoxicated at a much faster rate and increases the likelihood of experiencing alcohol related nausea and vomiting. But what does science say?

How Alcohol Withdrawal Works

Learn how alcohol affects brain chemistry and what this has to do with alcohol addiction and withdrawal.

Does Alcohol Cause Heartburn?

What role does alcohol play in causing heartburn, and what can be done to treat alcohol related heartburn?

Does Alcohol Cause Hiccups?

What role does alcohol play in causing hiccups?