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Dihydromyricetin's Benefits

Research has shown that Dihydromyricetin can be seen as an “alcohol antidote” in that it reduces and prevents many negative symptoms associated with alcohol consumption and prevents and reduces intoxication. Out of all known compounds that have this effect, Dihydromyricetin is the only one which does so safely and without side effects. Below are the main benefits provided by Dihydromyricetin:

Prevents Hangovers

Dihydromyricetin is the only supplement on the market with solid research supporting its ability to prevent hangovers. [1][2] It does this by influencing three out of the four main causes of hangovers:

Acetaldehyde Build-up: Acetaldehyde is an extremely toxic compound which is formed as the liver breaks down alcohol. It is estimated to be 20 - 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself, and causes many of the classic hangover symptoms including headaches, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

One effect DHM has is to improve the ability of the liver enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) to break down and remove acetaldehyde from the body. [1][2] When you take DHM after a long night of drinking, it causes your liver to break down acetaldehyde at a faster rate. This means there is less of it in your system to cause hangover symptoms.

Minor Alcohol Withdrawal: It's well known that alcoholics experience horrible withdrawals when they quit drinking, but alcohol withdrawal happens on a smaller scale every time you sober up as your brain rebounds from the effects alcohol had on it. Minor alcohol withdrawal is responsible for many hangover symptoms including anxiety, brain fog, and difficulty sleeping.

Studies have found that Dihydromyricetin reduces symptoms of alcohol withdrawal by interfering with alcohol's ability to impact the brain's GABA(a) receptors and by improving the plasticity of these receptors. [1][3][4] This means that when you take DHM after a long night of drinking it helps your brain return to baseline sooner and reduces the rebound effect that typically occurs.

Sleep Deprivation: Minor alcohol withdrawal is mostly responsible for alcohol's disruption of normal sleep patterns. While sleep deprevation doesn't directly cause the worse symptoms of hangovers, it causes fatigue and brain fog and exacerbates any existing headaches and nausea.

By reducing the impact alcohol withdrawal has on you, taking DHM before bed will improve your sleep quality allowing you to feel much more refreshed in the morning.

Dehydration: This is the most well known hangover cause, but anyone who has had plenty of water before bed but still woken up hungover the next morning can attest that simply staying hydrated isn't enough. DHM does nothing to hydrate you, which is why we recommend taking it with a bottle of water or two before bed. If you're properly hydrated and you take DHM before bed your hangover will be non-existant.

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Sobers You Up Quicker

Studies have shown that DHM can increase the rate at which you sober up after a night of drinking. It does this in two main ways:

Improves Liver Function: You've probably heard that your liver can process one drink an hour, so if you slam five shots in a short timespan you can expect to be completely sober in 5 hours. Research has shown that DHM actually improves the ability of the liver to process alcohol by improving the effectiveness of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. [1][2][4] When you take DHM after a long night of drinking your BAC will fall faster than it otherwise would [2] and you will sober up faster.

Reduces Alcohol's Impact on Your Brain: One of the main ways alcohol works is by potentiating the GABA(a) receptors in your brain, causing your brain to function as if there was more of the relaxing neurotransmitter GABA present. This is the main cause of slurred speech, lowered inhibitions, and other common signs of drunkenness.

When you take DHM, it reduces the effect alcohol has on your GABA(a) receptors. [1][3][4] While DHM's effect on the liver causes your BAC to decrease faster than it would otherwise, its effect on the brain greatly reduces how drunk you will act and feel even when you still have an elevated BAC. [1][3[4]

Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how DHM accelerates sobriety.

Prevents Drunkenness

Have you ever been in a social situation where you don’t want to get drunk, but you’ll be the odd one out if you don’t drink? Take 300 of Dihydromyricetin before you start drinking and you’ll stay sober even after having 5-6 beers.

This works for the same two reasons that DHM causes you to sober up quicker: it improves the ability of your liver to process alcohol [1][2][4] and reduces the effect alcohol has on your brain. [1][3][4] These effects help you sober up quicker after you've been drinking, but if you take DHM before drinking they make it very difficult to become intoxicated if you're drinking at a casual pace.

There's one other effect DHM has that makes it prevent intoxication: it reduces the amount of alcohol that gets absorbed into your GI-tract. [2] So if you take Dihydromyricetin before drinking, less of the alcohol you drink will be absorbed into your bloodstream to begin with. The effects of the alcohol that does will be swiftly blunted by the two effects described above.

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Protects Your Liver

The beauty of DHM lies not just in its many useful anti-intoxication and hangover effects, but that it also helps protect the organ hit hardest by heavy drinking. Many studies have found that DHM protects against, and helps repair, liver damage. [1][2][3][5][6][7][8][9]

Alcohol takes such a heavy toll on the liver because the liver has to halt all its normal functions to process it. This leads to the accumulation of fat deposits and tissue damage. Because DHM helps the liver process alcohol faster, it allows the liver to resume its normal tasks quicker. [2]

Dihydromyricetin's benefical effects on the liver aren't just because of this, however. It is also a potent anti-oxidant and helps remove dangerous heavy metals such as Fe and Fe2+ from the body. [3][10][11]

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Protects the Brain from Oxidative Stress

It is well established that drinking alcohol causes increased oxidative stress in the brain, which can cause damage to brain cells. [12]

Luckily research has shown that Dihydromyricetin is neuroprotective and a potent anti-oxidant. [3][11][13] Using DHM won't just help protect your liver from some of the damage caused by alcohol, but your brain as well.

Click here to learn more about how DHM protects the brain.

Helps Ease Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most exciting finds from recent research on DHM is that it may have potential for treating alcoholism by making withdrawal easier and reducing cravings. While more research is needed to confirm if it will be useful for this, a recent study has shown that DHM counteracts signs of alcohol withdrawal including tolerance, increased anxiety, and susceptibility to seizures. [1]

Try Dihydromyricetin Today

Now that you know all the great benefits DHM provides, improve your experiences with alcohol and protect your liver by giving it a try next time you have some drinks. We are so confident you'll never want to drink without it again that we will provide a full money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied!

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