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Dihydromyricetin (DHM) safely reduces symptoms of intoxication and prevents hangovers.

  • Prevent Hangovers
  • Sober up quickly at the end of the night.
  • Protect your liver from alcohol toxicity.
  • Reduce symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.
  • Completely safe and natural.

Dihydromyricetin Supplements

Proven Safe and Effective

Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is a natural extract of the Oriental Raisin Tree. (Hovenia Dulcis) DHM has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a hangover cure and intoxication blocker, but has just recently been the subject of focused research.

Initial studies concluded that DHM supplements greatly reduces hangover symptoms and negates many of the negative side effects commonly associated with drunkenness such as slurred speech, loss of coordination, and lowered reaction time without any adverse side effects.

Our Dihydromyricetin (DHM) is manufactured in the United States and rigorously tested for purity and safety.

The results of this testing for our latest batch can be seen on this Certificate of Analysis and this Certificate of Manufacture

Money Back Guarantee

Skeptical about DHM’s effectiveness or not sure if it’s right for you? You can try our product completely risk free.

We give a 100% money back guarantee on all orders of one standard bottle. Returning the product is not necessary. We don’t want you to spend a dime if you aren’t completely satisfied

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* These testimonials are the experiences of the individual customers that submitted them, results may differ from person to person.

*** This stuff really works. Either before you imbibe, or after. If you have had too much to drink, it will stop the spins, and staggers, and you don't get a hangover the next morning. It will knock out an existing hangover as well. I have problems with some of my younger workers showing up in the morning having partied all night, and they are almost useless. A dose of this and they are back in shape to work.


*** I tried it before drinking once and it was like I was drinking non-alcoholic beer, I wasn't even phased. I take it at the end of a long night of partying on a weeknight and am up for work at 7 and even feel more tired than hungover at all. It also does well to take mid-drinking in order to keep from getting out of line. I've never experienced such a strange effect like this has over alcohol, you should have some on the shelf behind every bar!


*** This was a great product and performs exactly as advertised. Drinks on me!


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Do you love going out for a sociable drink with friends?

Enjoy getting stuck into a 6 pack in your man cave with nothing but Call of Duty II planned for the night?

Do you never say no to a night of lethal shots and hitting the dance floor… but…

...hate the queasy stomach, the splintering headache and, the fact that you’re sluggish and useless the next day?

If that sounds like you, then…

... Dihydromyricetin is the dietary supplement you need but never knew you wanted, until now, and here’s why.

What is Dihydromyricetin and why you should care?

There are some calling Dihydromyricetin (DHM) the ‘antidote to alcohol’ because of how effectively it prevents feelings of intoxication, head banging hangovers and other unpleasant alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

But the best thing about Dihydromyricetin is that because it is a natural extract from the hovenia dulcis tree, it has no side effects and is completely safe to take, either before or after you start drinking.

In fact, it’s probably the single best hangover cure currently out there. That is unless, you actually enjoyed your buddy Kenny’s concoction of 4 raw eggs, a dash of worcester sauce, some bacon grease and a crushed up Advil. No? thought not.

Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, the Hovenia Dulcis tree has long been known to reverse the effects of alcohol intoxication and prevent hangovers.

But in 2007, the Hovenia Dulcis became the subject of focused research, and scientists discovered that the active ingredient responsible for it’s anti-alcohol effects was in fact Dihydromyricetin.

Dihydromyricetin, clinical research, and wasted rats.

The first study that proved DHM's potential involved researchers giving copious amounts of alcohol to rats. The researchers split the rats up into two groups; “Group A” and “Group DHM”. Then, researchers injected Group A with the “human equivalent” of 15-20 beers in two hours.

These rats lost their ability to stand and immediately rolled onto their backs. It took the rats in “Group A”, on average, nearly 70 minutes to stand back up.

The rats in “Group DHM” were injected with the same amount of alcohol, but they were also given an injection of 1ml pure Dihydromyricetin. These rats also rolled over onto their backs almost immediately. However, these rats were able to stand up in only five minutes! This means the rats in “Group DHM” stood up 14 times faster than the rats in “Group A”.

Scientists also tested DHM on drunk rats in mazes. Rats given large amounts of alcohol cowered in corners and didn’t explore the maze they were placed in. On the other hand, rats also given the DHM extract acted similarly to sober mice. They explored the maze instead of hiding in one spot. [1][2]

Finally, scientists studied DHM’s ability to reduce alcohol cravings in rats.

The rats were broken up into two groups - “Group A” and “Group DHM”. Both groups were given two different drinking options for ten continuous weeks. Group A was given a choice between sugar water and sugar water mixed with alcohol. Group DHM was given a choice between sugar water and sugar water mixed with alcohol and laced with DHM.

And what do you think happened?

Yep, the rats in Group A became increasingly addicted to the alcohol over the ten week period. And, they consumed larger amounts of alcohol as the experiment continued. While the rats in Group DHM drank less alcohol as the experiment continued, and by the end of the experiment, rats in Group DHM drank only 1/4th the amount of alcohol compared to rats in Group A. [1][2]

Originally scientists were looking at the hovenia dulcis plant to see it’s potential as a treatment for alcoholism, but what they quickly discovered was, it was incredibly useful at actually preventing hangovers. And, with it’s ability to quicken the rate an intoxicated person sobered up, it also had the additional benefit of reducing the damage to the brain and liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption. [1]

But I’m a dude, not a rat...will Dihydromyricetin work for me?

Well... that depends?

Have you had enough of the disapproving looks from the parents as you show up late for yet another Sunday lunch looking visibly worse for wear?

Are you fed up of making barely acceptable grades because of the big parties and even bigger hangovers you’ve been having?

Maybe you're just sick and tired of waking up with your arms wrapped around the toilet bowl, and a mouth that tastes - and smells - like garbage?

If the answer’s yes, then you’ll be excited to know that similar studies have been performed on humans, and DHM was found to be just as safe and effective when used by people.

In fact, not only was Dihydromyricetin identified as possibly the only candidate for treating alcoholism that doesn't have any side effects, but it’s also completely safe - even at over ten times the recommended dose![1][3]

If you don’t want to reduce your drinking or your social life, when you use Dihydromyricetin, you won’t have to.

How Alcohol Affects Your Body And Your Brain (and how Dihydromyricetin can help?)

When you ingest alcohol, it quickly enters your digestive tract and is absorbed into your blood. That blood makes its way to your liver, where an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) metabolizes the alcohol. However, your liver metabolizes alcohol at a constant rate. Regardless of how much alcohol you consume.

On average a single 1.5oz shot of 35% alcohol or a 12oz 4% beer can be fully metabolized in one hour. When you consume alcohol faster than your liver can metabolize it, alcohol builds up in your bloodstream. Your blood alcohol content (BAC) rises, and alcohol has pervasive effects on your brain. You feel drunk. Awesome, right?

But it all gets a bit complicated for here.

Because, when alcohol reaches your brain it affects two different neurotransmitters. Simply put, neurotransmitters are chemicals your brain cells use to control emotions, movement, behavior, and thought processes. Two categories of neurotransmitters are inhibitory and exhibitory. Inhibitory neurotransmitters have a calming effect and “slow” things down. Exhibitory neurotransmitters increase energy levels and brain activity.

One neurotransmitter affected by alcohol is GABA. Alcohol binds to GABA receptors in your brain and amplifies its effect. As the brain receives a stronger message from GABA, you begin to feel calm, and your heart rate slows down.

When you continue to drink, GABA signals are amplified further and further. Eventually, you experience loss of motor control, inhibitions are lowered, and your speech begins to slur.

You know that time of the night, right?

When you really should call it quits and go home.

But you rarely do.

But let’s not forget that when alcohol is consumed at a dangerous level, your breathing and heart rate can slow down to the point you can experience coma, or even death.

I’m sure we’re all agreed that was never the plan!

Here’s how Dihydromyricetin influences the Brain

Dihydromyricetin Blocks Alcohol from affecting GABA Receptors, that’s how. Dihydromyricetin binds to GABA receptors in the brain and blocks the effect alcohol has on GABA receptors. [1]

Theoretically, this should reduce certain feelings related to intoxication as alcohol is only amplifying the exhibitory neurotransmitter Glutamate (another neurotransmitter affected by alcohol). This theory was put to the test, and has held up in various studies. [1][2][4]

When Dihydromyricetin is taken before drinking, alcohol can’t amplify GABA and you don’t feel as intoxicated. When DHM is taken after drinking, it can accelerate the rate at which one sobers up. DHM’s benefit on the brain isn’t just limited to GABA receptors. DHM is a potent antioxidant able to prevent damage done by alcohol to dendrites.

But what about Dihydromyricetin and your Liver?

Alcohol is metabolized at a constant rate in your liver by the enzyme ADH. Any alcohol which isn’t able to be processed by ADH backs up, circulates through your bloodstream and makes you drunk.

Dihydromyricetin enhances the ADH enzyme, speeding up the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol. This means not only does DHM block alcohol’s effect on GABA, but it also helps flush alcohol out of your system. It also has the same effect on the enzyme which metabolizes acetaldehyde (ALDH). Acetaldehyde is an extremely toxic byproduct formed when alcohol is metabolized in the liver. Acetaldehyde toxicity is one of the main causes of hangovers.

The faster your liver can metabolize alcohol and acetaldehyde, the faster it can resume its normal duties. This results in decreased damage done by alcohol to the liver. Again, this has been proven true in many studies, and you can find links to the studies below.

Dihydromyricetin is for people who like to enjoy life to the fullest.

But… if after trawling through all that science, you're still not compelled by Dihydromyricetin’ benefits, safety and value….

…then we can only imagine you must be a bit of a light weight.

The ‘two or three before home to bed’, guy?

That’s cool. This product isn’t for you, but...

...if you have a busy social life.

Friends who like to have lots of boozy fun.

A taste for well brewed beer or Russian vodka, but you still want to stay on track academically and professionally without curbing the good times, then, Dihydromyricetin will help you do that.

And for less than the cost of a single beer in your local bar.

In fact, shout your buddy Kenny a pill instead of a beer, we promise he’ll thank you for it. Then...he’ll ask you where you got that miracle pill...because it’s true. One or two Dihydromyricetin pills will reduce almost every negative hangover symptom and improve your relationship with alcohol (and yourself) the morning after.

No more holding your head in your hands as you groan “I’m never drinking again?”.

Dihydromyricetin means you don’t have to miss out on fun, or worry about underperforming because you’re still hungover.

To avoid dehydration (because Dihydromyricetin can’t help you with that) make sure you drink at least 2 glasses of water before putting your head down for the night.

As soon as you start taking Dihydromyricetin, you’ll also start to reduce the amount of damage to your brain and liver done on a big night out. And, you start increasing your chance of actually getting something done this coming weekend.

Who knows? you may even turn up to Sunday dinner on time. And it never hurts to be in your parent’s good deposit, anyone!

The DHM crew, and why we do what we do

Like you, we enjoy a drink.

Sometimes we enjoy a lot of drinks.

But when we discovered DHM, and quickly learned how effective it was at warding off the dreaded hangovers - which get longer and more brutal with age - we knew we needed to make sure more people knew about this life enhancing natural supplement.

Now, we never drink without it.

So I guess you could say we believe our own hype, but if you ask me, that can only be a good thing.

We’ve read the scientific research.

Completed some informal before and after experiments on ourselves and our friends. But, most importantly, we have spoken to you, our customers, and you know what we have found out as a result of all this?

DHM works.

And, it’s an essential supplement if you don’t want to limit your drinking, but do want to limit the negative effects it has on your life.

Our DHM is made and manufactured on US soil in a facility which complies with all safety regulations, and is regularly inspected by the FDA. We only sell the purest, high quality Dihydromyricetin. So you’ll have nothing more to worry about anything other than…

...what shirt you’re gonna wear to hit the club tonight.

(If you aren't happy with our DHM, let us know and we will give you a full refund no questions asked.)

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not drink and drive or consume alcohol in an irresponsible manner.

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